What are the Dunedin FL Golf Cart Rules?

The residents of Dunedin have the privilege to drive around using a golf cart to explore this beautiful city. But a golf cart is a low-speed vehicle and its operation is a bit different than other automobiles. For safe exploration of Dunedin city via a golf cart, learning about operating this vehicle and local regulations is absolutely essential.

There are some basic rules to drive a golf cart on the streets. You are only allowed to drive this vehicle on public roadways which have a speed limit of 35 MPH or less. The road shouldn’t have more than two lanes of vehicular traffic per direction. In spite of being a low-speed vehicle, you cannot drive a golf cart on sidewalks in Dunedin. Road crossings are only allowed in certain places indicated on the map below.

“What are the Dunedin FL golf cart rules?” – is a very common question among the tourists and residents. So, for properly driving this vehicle on the streets, I highly recommend you to read through the whole article.

How to Drive A Golf Cart?

Driving a golf cart is a very fun experience. But for the sake of your and others safety, you must follow some rules and regulations. In order to reassure safe operation, one must go through the existing golf cart operator’s manual. The laws to drive a golf cart on the streets of Dunedin is given below.

  • In order to conduct permitted golf carts (Golf carts that are registered), it is important that the operators are properly licensed.

Many people don’t realize the importance of following rules, especially when it comes to low-speed vehicles. But golf carts are regulated by local and federal state laws and ignoring them will be felonious. Using a registered golf cart is absolutely essential and in order to drive these vehicles, you must have a proper driver’s license.

  • From the department of planning and development of the City of Dunedin, you must register your golf cart every year.

In Dunedin, for using your golf cart legally you must register this low-speed vehicle every year. The purpose of this registration is to make sure if the golf cart is in the right condition for the streets. So before buying or renting a golf cart in Dunedin, make sure its annual registration is signed.

  • The City of Dunedin will provide you some literature that advises you about safely driving the golf cart.

For those who are inexperienced with golf carts, you will get literature from the Dunedin city authority. This literature will enlighten you about various sides of the golf cart driving on the street. If you never have driven a low-speed vehicle before, then you should definitely pay attention to every word of that literature.

Where to drive your golf cart in Dunedin

You can drive you Dunedin golf cart on roads with a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less. This eliminates a number of roads because of the posted speed, including Skinner Blvd and parts of Alt-19.

Golf carts can only cross at the permitted Golf Cart Crossings, so you need to plan your trips accordingly. The City of Dunedin has made every attempt to assist you with the routes so that you can get to the parks and the downtown shopping, breweries and restaurants.

When parking, golf carts should be parked side by side so that 2 carts take up one vehicle parking space. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a cart take up an entire space. You need to leave room.

You can not drive your cart on any part of the Pinellas Trail. This is unsafe and it is enforced.

  • You can only drive a golf cart on roads that are permitted by the city government.

Almost every highway is banned to drive on via a golf cart. Many other roads are also banned from having a higher speed limit. It is essential for you to pre-check the roads legal for driving a low-speed vehicle before taking your golf cart out in the street. Apart from being illegal, it is also very risky to drive a golf cart on a road that has a higher legal speed limit.

This map is key to operating a golf cart in Dunedin, as there are only select intersections that you can cross.

The downtown shopping and restaurant section is accessible via golf cart.

  • No matter what, you cannot drive a golf cart at night in the City of Dunedin.

At night, you don’t have the permission to take out your golf cart on the streets. Although every golf club must have a headlight, they are not powerful enough for night travels. In addition, the risk factor multiplies if you are on a road driving a low-speed vehicle at night.

Unlike in many other cities, driving a golf cart in Florida is considered a privilege, not a basic right. You have to earn that privilege by many different tests. Do not risk losing that privilege by breaking the rules.

Florida Rules On Driving Golf Carts

The law of Florida states that you can only drive a golf cart on municipal streets that are permitted by the municipality. If you follow all the rules, then the city of Florida is the best place to drive low-speed vehicles like golf carts. The rules are given below.

  • You can only drive on the roads that have a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less.

In Florida, most of the streets inside the city have a speed limit of 30 MPH or less. On those roads, driving golf carts are perfectly fine. Don’t even try to drive this vehicle on roads with higher speed limits otherwise you will be detained by the Florida police department.

  • There are some crossings that are specifically designed for golf carts. You can only use them to cross country roads or states.

If you are planning to cross a state using a golf cart, then there are some specified crossings for your journey. Using a regular highway is both illegal and extremely dangerous.

  • In Florida, you have to be at least 14 years old to drive a golf cart on permitted streets and roads.

In Dunedin, everyone who wants to drive a golf cart on permitted streets must have a driver’s license. But in Florida, to drive a golf cart you must be at least 14 years old. It is advised to keep a supervisor with you if you don’t have a regular license.

  • In Florida, it is permitted to drive a golf cart on a sidewalk if it is at least 8 feet wide.

In Dunedin, you cannot drive on sidewalks no matter what. But some sidewalks are permitted for golf carts in Florida. The sidewalk should be at least 8 feet wide.

  • You can only operate a golf cart at night with special permission from the local municipality. Driving it during the daytime is permitted.

If you are planning for a nighttime adventure on a golf cart, then you must get special permission from the local authority before even thinking about taking the vehicle outside. Your golf cart must have brake lights, headlights, a windshield, and turn signals. But you are permitted to drive the cart from sunrise to sunset.

  • In Florida, only a few roads are permitted for golf cart cruising.

Just like in Dunedin, you can only drive a golf cart on roads that are permitted by the laws of Florida. Usually, the roads that have a speed limit of 35 miles per hour are permitted, but there are a few exceptions. So, you should precheck every time before going out on the streets with a golf cart.

Some Common Conditions

Before driving your golf cart on the street, make sure it has a working steering wheel, breaks, secure tires, working horn, a proper rearview mirror, and a red-colored reflectorized warning component in both rear and front.

The authority of Florida and Dunedin made it essential to have all those components before driving a golf cart on the street.


For the sake of the safety of people out on the road, it is very important for everyone to abide by the rules given by the transport authority. Just like that, Florida has some specified rules regarding driving golf carts. If you ignore these rules, you will not only be charged, but you might also face some serious consequences.

In this article, we tried our best to answer “What are the Dunedin FL golf cart rules?”. I have vastly discussed the rules regarding golf carts and also its operation. Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information about driving golf carts in Dunedin, Florida.