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Ever thought of relocating to Treasure Island, Florida? The first thing you should know is that it is a city of extremes – with a lot to offer.

The city is in Pinellas County in Florida, on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. Its population is 6,947, with a geographical area of 13.8 square kilometers. And this only means one thing: a rich suburban neighborhood with a friendly atmosphere.

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The history of Treasure Island, Florida?

The root of the name Treasure Island is vague, but its first residents were the Timucuan Indians, whose settlements date back over 1,700 years.

In 1528, however, the Spanish explorer came to Treasure Island’s gulf and forced the native Indians to flee. Then the Island stayed unoccupied until the 18th century when smugglers and pirates found safety along the remote coastline.

Before the 19th century, settlers started to discover the island, and by the end of the century, several small communities were occupying the island.

Cost of living in Treasure Island, Florida

Next, you’d want to assess the cost of living in Treasure Island, Florida.

After all, how would you tell if your income rhymes the essential expenses like housing, services, and even groceries in the city?

Well, according to Payscale, the cost of living in Treasure Island, Fl, is 24% above the national average, with housing expenses stacking 75% higher than the national average.

Goods and services

The food and grocery prices in Treasure Island, Florida, are 5% higher than the national average. But expect to spend less on healthcare whose cost is 3% lower than the national average.


Treasure Island requires residents and business owners to pay sale taxes and state income tax. The current total local tax rate in Treasure Island, Florida, is 7.000%.

Housing Market

Housing at Treasure Island, FL, is great – and so is the deal they come with. Today, housing expense in Treasure Island is 75% higher than the national average. The median list price of homes in Treasure Island, Florida, is $ 464,000. Over a year now, this median has shown a downward trend of -7.2%.

According to Zillow, the median home value for a single-family unit in Treasure Island is $ 337,000. In Clear Water, it is $ 205,100, while in Gulfport is $167,100. On the flip side, a multi-family home costs $1,300,000.


Averagely, homes in Treasure Island, FL, sell after a duration of 88days on the market.


Recreational opportunities in Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island, Florida, is a vital hub for semi-urban adventures – Snorkeling dolphin tours, golf, tennis park, sunset beach pavilion park, sunken gardens, Dali Museum, and lots more. In other words, there’s always something to get you outdoors. But let’s focus on the main attractions that will enthrall your stay in Treasure Island:

Treasure Island Beach

Ocean-friendly Treasure Island offers limitless beach thrill on its sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Its beach is wide, with endless stretches of pristine sand and throngs of people to watch. This makes it a perfect spot for paradise-seeking beach-goers or families who want to have it all.

You can go snorkeling too. Within a 30-50m swim from the beach, Treasure Island boast of brilliant snorkeling that’s even kids-friendly because it is not too deep but super safe on the lower tides. There is nowhere else you can walk out of your beautiful beachfront and meet so many incredible marine creatures so close.

Dali Museum

If you’re a hardcore fan of fine art or you’re into arts and crafts, Dali Museum is sure to take your breath away. The museum is an unparalleled collection of Salvador Dali artworks, spanning his life and career in many media.

The building itself is a work of art. It combines modern architecture with iconic paintings of one of the greatest make to bring unstoppable inspiration.

Dolphin Racer Speedboat Adventure

Satisfy the adventurer part of you with the exhilarating speedboat tour in gorgeous blue waters while having a great view of acrobatic bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside your boat.

It is sure to be an adventure that you’ll always remember, especially when you’re after intense, thrilling activity. You’ll have great views of dolphins jumping while zipping around the Intracostal Waterway and exhilarating high-speed ride on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Weedon Island Preserve

When you go to Tampa Bay, you’ll find Weedon Island Preserve – an expansive 3190-acre natural area. This system entails an aquatic and upland ecosystem homing numerous species of native plants and animals.

You can go hiking and paddling trails, with friends and family, and see nature at its best on this preserve.

Find a Home in Treasure Island

Now you have it all – or at least the basics of what it is like to live in Treasure Island, FL.

But it all sums up to a home that rhymes your house need and the budget to enjoy the thrill that the city has in the bag for you. And you can leverage the expertise of Only 727 to get your dream home in the Treasure Island city.

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Healthcare Is the leading employment sector for residents living in Treasure Island, FL with 14.94% of the population followed by Professional which employs 14.36% of the population.

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59.47% Owned

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14 years

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59 years

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