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Are you tired of your current home and feel like moving to a new city? Belleair Beach in Florida is the real deal! This guide will walk you through and analyze essential facts about the city.


Belleair Beach is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, in the United States. Belleair is one of the best beaches to visit if are intending to steer clear of the crowds. It’s a suburb of St. Petersburg with a population of 1,545 having a total area of 1.7 square miles, of which 0.46 island and 1.2 square miles is water.


Belleair Beach stands out among elegant cities in Florida, offering a magnificent blend of authentic Florida charm and modern sophistication. The beach also provides a white-sand shoreline surrounded by some of the most impressive waterfront homes, among other beautiful scenery.

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History of Belleair Beach, Florida

Belleair Beach shares a common history with Belleair shows and Bellaire bluffs. Being a community, Bellaire started at the end of a line.  In the 1890s, railroad Henry B. constructed his showpiece hotel on a high ridge. It was located south of Clearwater, complete with a railroad.

That is how Bellaire Beach came to be. The city is known for its charm, friendly atmosphere, and southern hospitality.

Cost of Living in Belleair Beach, Florida

Probably you are excited about moving to Bellair Beach, but one thing is hindering you from moving into your dream city. Cost!

By now, you are wondering if it will take your whole years’ salary to cater for the expenses. That’s true. The cost of living in Bellaire Beach is 49% much higher than the national average.


Services and Goods

Belleair Beach offers old fashioned neighbourhoods and waterfront living in a residential community with only three residents’ beaches. Most of the goods are similar to national average levels except for a few.

Considering an internet service provided by Spectrum internet provider. It’s pricing starts at $499.99 per month, which is relatively high.



Housing Market

In August 2020, the housing market in Belleair Beach, FL, changed, which means that the number of buyers increased compared to the number of active homes for sale. Let’s explore the pricing for Indian Rocks in Bellaire Beach, FL.


Indian rocks has a median of $632k, making it the most expensive city while 33764 being the most affordable city, with a median of $175.5k.



Healthcare in Belleair Beach, FL, is relatively stable with several high-quality healthcare facilities. The facilities have fully trained, professional and courteous staff compared to that of the national level offering general, home-based services, pediatric and women healthcare services.

Right at Home Health Care facility is among the top-rated best home healthcare facilities.



The average household income in Bellaire Beach is $124,542, enough to cater for all living expenses. With a poverty rate of 6.86%. The city’s employment rate is 76.9%.  Having 40.6% at Labor force perception, 36.3 % at Employed while 10.6$ being unemployed.

Best Hotels and Parks in Belleair Beach, FL                        

Belleair Beach offers a perfect blend of both indoor and outdoor services that will attract anyone. Below are some of the ideal places to visit during your stay in Belleair Beach, Florida.


  • Belleair Beach Club
  • Belleair Beach Resort Motel
  • Nautical Watch Beach Resort
  • Belleair Beach Bird Sanctuary
  • Morgan Beach Park


Find a Home in Belleair Beach, FL

There you go, now you have every detail on your fingertips about Bellaire Beach, FL. Being famous, Belleair Beach in Florida is a vacation home site, a residence for some, and a community for others. Don’t wait! Go for Belleair Beach in Florida.

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Healthcare Is the leading employment sector for residents living in Belleair Beach, FL with 17.18% of the population followed by Professional which employs 16.82% of the population.

Population Information

49% Male

51% Female

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86.79% Owned

13.21% Rented


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17 years

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59 years

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