Is Dunedin Florida as Dog Friendly as they say it is?

Dunedin - Dog Friendly Community

As animal lovers, it is important to make sure you live in a pet-friendly city. Dunedin, Florida is known as a beautiful dog-friendly city. But if you are here, you must be asking yourself “Is Dunedin Florida as Dog Friendly as they say it is?”

Sit back and relax because we have done some research on it. To save you some time, I’m answering your question roughly below.  

Well to sum it up, Dunedin, Florida is indeed a dog-friendly city. There are multiple perks for your dog. The city has parks and restaurants specifically for dogs. There are currently 35 parks designed for dogs, 20 restaurants specialized for dogs, and many more. 

However, in order to know whether or not they are safe and truly great, we highly recommend you keep reading till the end. Well, let’s start with the dog-friendly parks. 

Dog Parks in Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin has a good number of dog parks. There are many fun activities for you and your dog to do. Here we include the top dog-friendly parks in Dunedin, Florida. 

  • Hammock Park

This park is one of the parks having top reviews for its pleasant natural beauty. The community of Hammock Park will welcome your lovely doggie here heartedly.

The area contains a walkway through the woods, a butterfly garden, a disc of a golf course, a picnic area, and a playground, filled with divine natural beauty.

 You can have a walk here and enjoy the beauty along with your puppy. For your pup, there is a waste station and a spot for them to have a drink.  

  • Honeymoon Island State Park

You are most welcome in the Honeymoon Island Park with your pup. It is another dog-friendly park in Dunedin filled with eye-catching beauty. 

If you come here, you and your puppy will roam around here and enjoy the white sandy beach with the gentle lapping waves and crystalline water. Dogs are always welcome here with you for the nature trail. 

  • Achieva Paw Park

Here it is- Achieva Paw Park is another park for roaming with your puppy and having a great time together. The area is separate for small and large dogs. It’s a well-decorated place for playing with your paw. You can come here with your doggie without thinking twice. 

  • Happy Tails Dog Park

Happy Tails Dog Park is a park where you can come with your puppy and enjoy walking or playing together. It became more popular with people as you can take your pup here without any leash.

It is well-maintained, clean, and tidy up the place. There is also a ballpark for your doggie’s playing. The park has a vast area for sitting. Though it became muddy in the rainy season, overall, it is an excellent place for your pup’s outing. 

  • Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi is one of the parks situated in Dunedin, which is full of natural beauties. This park also allows your puppy in a short-range. You will have 3 miles of a nature walk in this park, picnic areas, a snack bar, a gift shop, and a marina.

Caladesi Island Park will welcome your gentle and well-mannered dog here. But it is not allowed for some areas in the park such as- beaches, swimming areas, buildings, or food service areas. Again, you will need to hire private boats for visiting around the island with your pup, as puppies are not allowed in the ferry.

  • Edgewater Park

Edgewater is a beach which attracts people for the decoration and the divine beauty. The panoramic views of downtown Cleveland from the shore and the scenery of sunset make the place crowded.

The place allows your puppy to come here. In the westernmost part of the park is made for dogs especially. So you can undoubtedly come here with your pup to enjoy the shore site and to spend quality time.

  • Pinellas Trail

Pinellas Trail is a unique and protected green place, perfect for walking, jogging, biking. It is the best place to spend time together with you and your pup. It’s a long trail with a lot of recreational things for you. 

There are no restrictions to come here with your doggie. It is perfect to go here with your paw for jogging together to feel the fresh air also.

  • Kayak Excursion with Meal

Kayak Excursion with Meal is a lake that is a suitable place for kayaking. You can enjoy the gentle breeze and a completely restful atmosphere here.

It is also a dog-friendly place. You can come here with your pet as there are no restrictions for the doggie. You can go there for kayaking and also enjoy the beauty of this place with your pup.

Dog-friendly Restaurants in Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin has some high-quality dog-friendly restaurants. 

      The Living Room

The living room is definitely a great place to dine in with your dog. You can be assured of a pet-friendly environment. They not only offer you with multicultural inspired cuisine but also a whole set of dog food menu for your pet. It has a nice, relaxing ambiance. you can dine at any time at the beautifully decorated patio. It’s deluxe yet comfortable.

      The Dunedin Smokehouse 

The Dunedin Smokehouse is not your regular barbeque joint. Their dishes are made exclusively incentivizing from classic bbq staples. You don’t have to worry about your four-legged pal, as they get the service even before you will. 

      Marina Cafe Bon Appetit

This is a lovely waterfront restaurant, with a view of St. Joseph Sound, Honeymoon, and Caladesi Islands. Pet dogs are greeted with cookies and a bowl of water. A very pet-friendly restaurant with an amazing insight of water around the dock, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets here.

 You can enjoy your meal outdoors or indoors with live music in the background.  The menu is a harmonizing combination of classical European and American cuisines. 

      Dunedin Brewery 

An absolutely amazing and pet-friendly brewery in downtown Dunedin. This is the oldest microbrewery in Florida serving freshly hand-crafted brews.  Needless to say, the food and the brews comes within a decent price range. Also, a big water bowl is there right at the patio, for the furry buddies.

      Eddies Bar & Grill

Eddies and grill have been serving with its delicious foods since 1985 this is well known for its enormous sports coverage. Eddies Bar and grill come with a  huge set of the menu which includes great appetizers and a great collection of beers

 Outdoor and Indoor seating is available. The patio is very pet friendly.  Every weekend live music session is arranged. It’s an amazing place to go out and dine in with your friends and pets.

       Old Bay Cafe  

What about a drink date with your beloved pup with a splendid sight of the sunset over the water? If this idea seems great then the Old Bay cafe is at your service. In this cafe, you simply can have a drink or a light meal to enjoy your evening. Or you can dine in with great local seafood that this cafe offers.


Hopefully, by reading this far, you have got the answer to your question “Is Dunedin Florida as Dog Friendly as they say it is?”. It’s pretty clear that Dunedin is indeed a dog-friendly place since the city offers various dog services and dog-friendly activities.

Here both you and your furry pal can stay and enjoy the 727 Lifestyle.