Clearwater Florida: 10 Things that You Must Do When You’re in Clearwater!

Are you planning on moving to Florida or maybe visiting it anytime soon? Well, you are in luck! Because we are going to tell you one of the hottest and hippest places to visit in Florida which is Clearwater, Florida!

It is not just a great vacation spot but also bursts with culture, delicious cuisines, and amazing people. Not only is the place going to be your family’s favorite vacation spot, but will also satisfy your inner thrill-seeker. With opportunities like deep-sea diving, paragliding, and boating, Clearwater is the perfect place for all adrenaline junkies out there!

Let’s check out some of the exciting things you can do in Clearwater, Florida.

1. The Clearwater Jazz Festival

This is one of the oldest music festivals in the country! The Clearwater Jazz Festival is a four day and night, world-class event that is attended by over 35,000 people every year. Held in October, this event is a 42-year long tradition. The Clearwater Jazz holiday is held at the gorgeous Coachman Park, every year. With the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Mexico, this festival combines classic and modern music to a single platform.

From legendary musicians like Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Herbie Mann, Tito Puente to modern greats like Tony Bennett, Earth, Wind and Fire, Chicago, and Martin and Wood. The list goes on and on and the legacy of this epic festival continues to this day.

2. Sugar Sand Festival

The Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival is one of the most popular and epic sand sculpture contests held in Florida. An event where world-famous sculptors and sand artists gather annually to win the coveted best art prize with their crazy and cool sand concoctions.

The event consists of not only art by imaginative artists but also free live music, fireworks, kid’s play areas, and sand sculpting classes. All these events bring the whole community together to promote active participation and unity.

3. Clearwater Aquarium

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit organization located in Clearwater, Florida. The aquarium was inaugurated in 1972. The organization hosts a variety of marine life which are permanent residents of the facility. The most favorite resident of the facility among the visitors is Winter, the bottlenose dolphin.

Winter was rescued in 2005 when she was found stuck in a crab trap. Due to her injuries, she had to lose her tail but the aquarium managed to fit a prosthetic tail which has made the facility world-famous. Winter has also been the subject of the 2011 film Dolphin Tale and its sequel Dolphin Tale 2.

4. Clearwater Beach

So let’s come to the fun part! The Beach! We all know how much beaches can be, and Clearwater Beach is the best place to be if you are looking to have fun. From beautiful white sand to the 2.5-mile stretch that is so clean you will get confused about which spot to pick.

The beach is not just a family-friendly picnic spot but also a favorite vacation spot for spring breakers each year as well as couples, whether they are young or old. All you need to do is get your favorite beach towel and umbrella, and you are set for the best beach day ever!

5. Dolphin Spotting!

Well, we all have seen dolphins at aquariums but there is nothing more exciting than watching a dolphin in its natural habitat. You can get that opportunity in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico surrounding Clearwater. Where you can see and interact with the majestic bottlenose dolphins.

There are plenty of dolphin tours available on the beach’s marina. Hire a boat and sail away in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy the view of the ocean and the dolphins.

6. Caladesi Island

One of the most exciting visits you will take in Clearwater is the visit to Caladesi Island State Park. It is one of the few “virgin” islands that are free from Florida’s commercialization. You can access it by a small boat. The small island has a beautiful wild beach accompanied by a tropical nature trail.

7. Beer-Up!

If you are a fan of beer, then you are going to love Clearwater. Head over to the little town in Dunedin, where the brewers take pride in brewing some of the booze you can find in town. This is Florida’s oldest microbrewery, and in the last decade, six more have popped up on the map. 

For beer lovers, this visit will probably be the highlight of their tour. You can go for a tasting flight, where you get 100-150 MLS of four of your favorite beers at each brewery. Remember to be responsible when drinking if you are driving. We recommend that you book an Uber or a taxi to get there, so you can enjoy your liquor without any problems.

8. Check Out St. Pete

One of the best things about being in Clearwater is to be in touch with the hipster vibe and culture that emanates from St. Petersburg commonly known as St. Pete. Here you can find amazing restaurants with a variety of delicious cuisines, the biggest Salvador Dali museum, based outside of Spain. Moreover, the amazing pink palace of Don Caesar.

9. Beautiful Sunsets at Pier 60

One of the most romantic and beautiful views anywhere in the world are the sunsets. The way the sky turns crimson as the sun dives down is a view to behold. In Clearwater, there is no better place to watch the sunset than at Pier 60.

The picturesque view of the sun setting across The Gulf of Mexico completely changes the mood and vibe of the Pier. Turning it from a hustling and bustling tourist spot to a serene meditation spot. You can walk on the pier for free but you are going to have to pay 1 Dollar per person to get to the best viewing point, which is worth it.

After watching the beautiful sunset, you can check out the local stall that signals the festival-like nightlife of the pier and Clearwater.

10. Time to Hit the Shops!

After a long hectic day, you need some relaxation. And what better relaxation is there than some retail therapy! Check out the numerous shops that are on the beach and nearby areas. These shops are perfect to get yourself or your friend a memento.

If you are looking to do some serious shopping, then we recommend the Westfield Countryside Shopping Mall. Not only this mall has a huge range of local brands but also national and international brands as well. The mall also sports a movie theatre and a full-size skating rink to make your shopping experience even more exciting.


Clearwater, Florida is one of the best vacation spots in the country. Visitors from all over the USA travel each year to spend their vacation in this beautiful city. From its beautiful white beaches to historic festivals, this city has something to offer for every age group. Whether you want to relax on the beach, or enjoy some amazing music, or excite your inner thrill-seeker, or get in touch with nature by watching dolphins, this place has everything you can think of. On top of all that the weather is amazing 24/7.