Clearwater FL Airport Choices – PIE & TPA Ready for Take Off

Clearwater is a city known for sunny weather and gulf coast beaches in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. On a barrier island, Clearwater Beach is a 3-mile strip of white sand backed by restaurants and hotels. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium rehabilitates wounded dolphins and sea turtles. The Phillies Pro Baseball team plays spring games at the city’s Spectrum Field.

Clearwater is host to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, host to the winter bottlenose dolphin and Hope. You can also find the international Centre of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater.

The Clearwater we see today was the home of the people of Tocobaga. About 1835, in the time of the Seminole Wars, the United States Army started building Fort Harrison, coined after William Henry Harrison, as an outpost. The fort was built on a bluff facing Clearwater Harbor and eventually led to the formation of a residential development named Harbor Oaks at the beginning of the 20th century. Since Mark Wyllie found an underground ammunition bunker when planting a tree in his yard, the University of South Florida archaeologists excavated the location in 1962.

As per the reports, the number of tourists is Clearwater, Florida, reached up to 378,300 people, while the yearly comparison of tourism rate denotes that the rate is up by 2.4% to 2,373,400 people. Moreover, the occupied rooms in Clearwater, Florida, rose to 535,100, denoting a 5.4% increase from last year.

It seems like there has been a lot of tourism here in the past few years that have caused the tourism rates to increase. Here are several airports that the tourists can use for their arrival and departure; let’s have a look to find the best one.

Read below to find all the necessary details you will need regarding the airport facilities at the airports in Clearwater, Florida:

Clearwater Airports:

There are two most popular airports in Clearwater, Florida, such as St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport and the Tampa International Airport (TPA).

1.    St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

 St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport is a public airport serving the Tampa Bay Area of Pinellas County, Florida. It’s centered on Pinellas Park’s northeastern municipal line, 9 miles north of downtown St. Petersburg, 7 miles southeast of Clearwater, and 17 miles southwest of Tampa.

It was classified as a small-hub main economic serving area by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021. It recorded double-digit growth in 2014 and served over one million passengers, establishing a milestone for 2014.

Tampa International Airport (TPA), 10 miles east, is used for most scheduled air activity in the Tampa Bay Area. Yet, St. Pete-Clearwater retains the title as the gateway for low-cost airlines.

Reaching the Airport:

The free shuttle operates from the airport to anywhere around the regions of St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota; however, you can find them only outside the airport.

Substitutes to shuttle buses are taxi that runs to and from the airport outside the ground transport region that can take passengers to their location with two taxi services.

Baggage Claim:

On arrival of the travelers, they will be able to navigate through the baggage claim area easily. There will be lighted signs displayed that will indicate that the baggage for particular flights and from where they will come depending on the flight number and when it’s landed. There will be four belts, and you will be able to claim your baggage’s here.

Short Term Parking: 

Overnight parking isn’t permitted here:

  • $2.00 First Hour
  • $1.00 each additional 20 minutes
  • $18.00 Daily Maximum

Long Term Parking:

  • $2.00 First Hour
  • $1.00 each additional 20 minutes
  • $12.00 Daily Maximum

Economy Parking:  $8.00 per day

For your ease, Free Shuttle Service is available at the economy parking garage. At the airport, there are pick-up/drop-off spots: in front of the terminal between Tickets Centre A and B and at the Ground Transportation Lot. Based on building and traffic, shuttle busses average 10-20 minutes between pick-ups. As per the COVID-19 Action Plan, a small number of travelers may be permitted to take the shuttle and will encounter delays.

Travelers with Disabilities:

From curbside to boarding the plane, wheelchairs, and support for disabled passengers are available. Moreover, passengers can request a gate pass to help another disabled passenger. They can get it from the airline ticket counter.

2.    Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Six miles west of Downtown Tampa, in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States, Tampa International Airport is located. The airport is state-funded by the County Aviation Authority of Hillsborough (HCAA). It has a central terminal (landside) linked by people going to four satellite air terminals and gates (airside), a groundbreaking innovation when built in the late 1960s; The airport was lauded for its construction and airfield design.

About twenty international air carriers, a couple of regional airlines, and three air cargo carriers provide services at the airport. Nearly three regional airlines run under the umbrella of mainline air carriers, whereas the fourth is private, which is Silver Airways, which uses Tampa International Airport as its base. Southwest Airlines carries the biggest share of travelers to and from the airport, providing up to 121 flights a day.

Reaching the Airport:

At the curbside from outside Baggage Claim Point, taxi service by Yellow Cab and United Cab is open. The very same fares are levied by both service providers: $2.50 for the first 1/8 of a mile or equivalent, and $2.40 per mile. The standard price is $19 from the airport. Downtown Tampa and the cruise terminal have a flat-rate charge of $29.

Baggage Claim:

The Baggage Claim is split into Red on the Northside and Blue on the Southside on Level 1 of the Main Terminal. You can navigate through the sign above escalators and elevators as to which direction your airline’s baggage claim is

This level has:

  • Public telephones
  • Taxi cabs, buses, limos, and hotel shuttles
  • Escalators and elevators to train station for Economy Parking and Rental Cars


Valet Parking: You can Drop off your car from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Blue Departure curbside. You can also drop off your car on Level 5 of the Short Term Garage at the 24-hour drop-off and pick-up zone.

Rates: $2/half-hour; $30 max per 24 hours

Short Term Garage: Open 24 hours with convenient elevator access to Main Terminal

Rates: Parking is free for less than one hour, then $4 for the next 61-80 minutes and $2 for every extra 20 minutes after that, and; $22 for 24 hours total.

Long Term Garage: This facility is open 24 hours and next to the terminal; on level 5, there is a monorail, and on level 2, there are pedestrian sidewalks.

Rates: Parking is free for less than one hour, then $4 for the next 61-80 minutes and $2 for every extra 20 minutes after that; $18 limit for 24 hours.

Economy Garage and Lot: The trains from SkyConnect to the terminal travel 24 hours a day are available. You can also find restroom facilities here.

Rates: $1 per 20 minutes; $10 max per 24 hours

Travelers with Disabilities:

Wheelchair facility from skycaps is offered by the airlines from the curbsides to ticket booths and exits. You will, however, have to request this facility from the carrier on the day of departure at the ticket booth and curbside check-in places, but it is advised that you request a booking in advance to make sure that it is available for you.

Both these airports are perfect in their own ways, depending on the uses. You can assess what you are looking for and then choose the airport accordingly. Happy traveling!