Dunedin Craft Breweries – On Tap & Fresh Brewed for Your Enjoyment

The Dunedin Brewery was established in 1995 by its owner Michael Norman Bryant. He founded this brewery based on his deep-rooted fondness for home-brewing. By 1996, the first keg was officially delivered to Skip’s Bar and Grille in Downtown, Dunedin. The brew was an Imperial Brown Ale. Ever since that moment, the Dunedin Brewery has […]

32 Reasons Dunedin, Florida is a Great Place to Call Home

Looking for your forever home? Why not consider living in Dunedin, Florida? The city by the beach boasts the best of both worlds. Again, if you are into the small-town charm but a city-folk at heart, it might just be the place for you. But the charm of Dunedin does not end here.  What makes Dunedin […]

Dunedin Florida Jolley Trolley – Fares, Stops and Schedules

Everybody needs a de-stressing holiday or at least a fun trip to get relief from the hectic routine of day to day life. Dunedin, Florida, is an excellent choice for a short trip. If public transportation is what you want, then Dunedin Jolley Trolley is a perfect option for you.  A trolley bus is a […]

Dunedin FL and The Toronto Bluejays, a Spring Training History

If you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, you surely know about its spring training games at TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida. It is a famous ballpark where fans can enjoy baseball games and interact with their favorite players. Spring training in Dunedin has always been a gathering place for the fans of […]

Dunedin Marina – A Launch For Boating and Fishing In The Gulf

Dunedin is a delightful city with a view of the Gulf of Mexico. It has the most pleasant winter weather in the USA. The city has made itself a tourist-friendly city with its parks, and all the amenities, offering plenty of outdoor fun and excitement for people of any age! Dunedin is also known as […]

How To Determine Your Dunedin, FL Hurricane Evacuation Zone?

Most Floridians know that the hurricane season is as certain as the changing of the season.  Every year, it rolls around and attention is paid to the Atlantic, the Gulf and our favorite weather outlet. Hurricane season runs from July to November, with the occasional storm coming just before or just after the season.  Residents […]

Is Dunedin Florida as Dog Friendly as they say it is?

As animal lovers, it is important to make sure you live in a pet-friendly city. Dunedin, Florida is known as a beautiful dog-friendly city. But if you are here, you must be asking yourself “Is Dunedin Florida as Dog Friendly as they say it is?” Sit back and relax because we have done some research […]

Dunedin Florida History – Florida Heritage with Scottish Roots

Dunedin is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, as well as an excellent place to call home. It has about four miles of scenic beachfront and home to some of America’s most beautiful and completely natural beaches. The city has made a reputation of being a tourist-friendly city with its state-of-the-art parks and all […]

What are the Dunedin FL Golf Cart Rules?

The residents of Dunedin have the privilege to drive around using a golf cart to explore this beautiful city. But a golf cart is a low-speed vehicle and its operation is a bit different than other automobiles. For safe exploration of Dunedin city via a golf cart, learning about operating this vehicle and local regulations […]

What Makes Dunedin Causeway a Great Place for Recreation?

One of the reasons for living near the Gulf in Florida is so that you can take advantage of the water activities.  Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I dream of relaxing on a pretty beach, blissfully enjoying the sunset’s calming view.  You’ve probably heard of Dunedin Causeway. Judging by the fact that you are […]