32 Reasons Dunedin, Florida is a Great Place to Call Home

Looking for your forever home? Why not consider living in Dunedin, Florida?

The city by the beach boasts the best of both worlds. Again, if you are into the small-town charm but a city-folk at heart, it might just be the place for you. But the charm of Dunedin does not end here. 

What makes Dunedin a perfect forever home is that you can raise your children and also retire here. The ambiance, community, infrastructures, and rich culture of this place are worth exploring.

Since you are on the look-out for the perfect place to settle, check out why we think Dunedin can be your new home. 

If you don’t think you have the patience to go through the whole article, here are our 8 most important reasons Dunedin, Florida is a great place to call home.. 

  1. Affordable Housing and Cost of Living 
  2. Growing Local Economy and Ample Work Opportunities 
  3. Great Health Care facilities and Insurance 
  4. Above Average Educational Institutions 
  5. Low Crime Rates 
  6. All About Summer Beach Days
  7. Booming Food Scene 
  8. Manifold Attractions and Recreational Spots 

Read on and explore the detailed pros of living in Dunedin with us,

8 Major Reasons to Live in Dunedin, Florida

It would take forever to describe the many reasons why Dunedin, Florida is a great place to live in. Hence we narrowed it down to 6 major reasons why you should consider relocating to Dunedin. Here are our reasons, 

1. Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

The cost of living and housing is one of the major concerns while choosing a home. That is why we present you with a brief overview of Dunedin’s housing scene and the median cost of living.

One of the biggest perks of relocating to Florida from elsewhere is that you will not have to pay state income tax. You will return home with a higher paycheck in comparison to working in a different state. That is, your cost of living is already reduced, if you choose to move to Dunedin, Florida. 

The median cost of living in Dunedin is 8% lower than the national average. Compared to other coastline states, housing in Florida is thus more affordable. In the housing sector, the cost of living in Dunedin is 34% lower than the national average.

The spacious homes of Dunedin are perfect for families. Single-detached homes of 2-3 bedrooms make up most of the Dunedin housings scene. The average cost of a home is $254,000

You can also opt for the affordable Eco Village townhomes here. These quaint homes are perfect for middle-income families. With the sale price ranging from $160,000 to $200,000.

Soak in the beauty of nature in calm and relaxed neighborhoods of Dunedin, Florida. A house is the single most expensive and important purchase you may make in your life. In that case, why not invest well in a spacious family home. 

But if you are still unsure about purchasing a home here, you can always check the apartments for rent. You can get an unobscured view of the Gulf of Mexico from your apartment. 

2. Growing Local Economy and Ample Work Opportunities 

In recent years the local economy is strengthening and work opportunities are on the rise. The economy of Dunedin has grown by 2.3%. The work opportunities in the next ten years are also predicted to be a growth of 39.8%. 

The economy of Dunedin is largely driven by its retirees and tourism. One of the largest industries here is Health Care and Social Assistance. That is because of the huge number of retirees living here. 

Other large industries of Dunedin are Retail Trade, Scientific, Technical and Professional services. But the high paying industries of Dunedin are Utilities, Transportation, Warehousing, and Information Services. If you are in any of these work fields, you will find ample work opportunities here. 

Many residents hold jobs in the City Office. The City is an Equal Opportunity Employer. There is no discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, national origin, or religion. All employees receive equal benefits. 

Some of the major employers of Dunedin are Coca Cola, McCormick Stevenson, Ocean Optics, Bob-Cad Cam, Black Hagen Design, and Digital Forensics. 

The most common occupations of the residents here are Management, Administrative, and Sales related occupations. Compared to other neighboring cities, Dunedin offers more specialized jobs. A huge number of its residents are working in the Computer, Mathematical, Health, and other technical fields. 

If you choose to relocate to Dunedin, Florida any time soon you will experience the positive growth in its local economy. Who knows, you may even profit off of the recent development of its economy. 

3. Great Health Care Facilities and Insurance 

Health insurance depends on various factors, including age and income. The sunshine state of the USA is popular amongst retirees. Hence, the health insurance rate here is a bit above average.

The Dunedin city of Florida is no different when it comes to popularity amongst retirees. But compared to other counties of the state, Pinellas County has a comparatively lower rate of health insurance. Health insurance for individuals over 40 is around 457$ here. 

Since most of the residents are above 40, there are various health care facilities in place here. You will have your options open when it comes to health care in Dunedin, Florida.

The city offers free and income based clinics. These clinics include services like 

  • Dental Clinic Services
  • Women’s Health Clinic Services
  • Paediatric Health Clinic Services
  • Behavioral Health Clinic Services

Dunedin also offers affordable health insurance and home care services for senior residents. Blue Cross and Blue Shield, one of the best affordable insurance companies in Florida offers its services here too. The employees of the Dunedin city also get work health insurance

Dunedin offers is home to many large hospitals but Mease Hospital is worth mentioning. It was awarded the Magnet Designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2008. The 143-bed facility is a stroke care center that accepts Medicare patients. 

Other medical facilities are just a 5 to 15-mile drive from Dunedin, Florida. 

4. Above Average Educational Institutions 

Dunedin follows the public schooling system of Florida. The city has four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school at present. All of them are public schools. They are listed below, 

  • Curtis Fundamental Elementary School 
  • Garrison-Jones Elementary School
  • San Jose Elementary School 
  • Dunedin Elementary School
  • Dunedin Highland Middle School
  • Dunedin High School

There are also two charter schools, one Catholic school, two private schools, and Dunedin Academy. The Academie da Vinci charter school holds 473rd ranking amongst 2182 elementary schools. 

The high school in Dunedin is average. But that hardly affects the quality of education. Dunedin High school is a mid-ranking public high school.

Most of the educational institutions of Dunedin are above average. The Curtis Fundamental elementary school is one of the best in Pinellas County. It holds 96th position in the class. Because of this, the school has a superb reputation. 

The elementary schools are close to the housing areas. Your child can reach his or her school on foot. If your child is in high school, he or she will have to take the car to school. 

5. Low Crime Rate

You can live in relative peace in Dunedin, Florida. You do not have to worry about falling victim to violent crimes here. The low crime rates of Dunedin makes it a safe place to live in.  

Compared to the national average of the USA, the overall crime rate in Dunedin, Florida is 26% lower.  It is 57% safer than most cities in the USA.

Violent crimes like murder, robbery, assault, etc. are all-time low in here. Compared to other cities in the USA, the violent crime rate here is 63% lower. The chances of becoming a victim of any type of crime are 1 in 703 people. 

The highest crime rate in Dunedin is property crimes. But again the rate of property crimes is 19% lower than the national average. 

Over the past few years Dunedin, Florida has seen a decline in crime rates. The quaint neighborhoods are safe enough for you to start a family here. Still for your peace of mind, here are a few of the safest neighborhoods of Dunedin, 

  • Wexford Leas Boulevard
  • Michigan Boulevard
  • Bayshore Boulevard
  • Solon Avenue
  • Virginia Street 
  • Dunedin Isles
  • Route 19 
  • Curlew Road
  • Beltrees Street
  • Causeway Boulevard
  • City Center

You can visit the neighborhoods and check how safe they are to decide if you want to relocate there.

6. All About Summer Beach Days

Dunedin is home to the sandy beaches of Honeymoon Island beach and Caladesi Island. The warm weather of Dunedin makes for sunny day trips at the beach. You can enjoy summer beach days with your family or by yourself too. 

From hiking, bird watching, kayaking to shell hunting you can do a variety of activities in these white sandy beaches. The Nature Trail offers a good hiking trip. On your hiking trip, you might see bald eagles, ospreys, and other animals. 

The clear green water of Honeymoon Island beach is sure to pull you in for a swim. The months from May to October are warm in Dunedin, perfect for taking a swim in the ocean.

If you are not feeling that, you can take a ferry ride to Caladesi Island. You can also kayak or take a private boat to reach the island from Honeymoon Island State Park. You can also explore the Pelican Cove while kayaking. 

On your ferry ride to Caladesi Island, you may catch glimpses of dolphins. If you are lucky you will get the front row ticket seat to a natural dolphin show.

Enjoy a fun field day at the beach with your pup. The beaches of Dunedin, Florida are dog-friendly. It offers a specific part of the beach for you to play with your pup. 

If you are not up to energetic activities, you can spend the day relaxing at the beach too. You can enjoy a nice picnic while watching the sunset. In the Rotary Centennial Nature Centre, you can relax and observe oyster beds, pelicans, diving birds, egret ospreys, etc. 

Honeymoon Island State Park is a 15 to 20 minutes’ drive away from the city. You can also visit The Clearwater beach is a 20 minutes’ drive from Dunedin. St. Pete Beach is also near. So if you are a beach lover or looking for fun activities to do with family, the beach is just a drive away from Dunedin.

7. Booming Food Scene 

The small-town charm of Dunedin, Florida does not affect its food scene. Restaurants, pubs, and breweries are abundant here. But the fresh food you miss in your quintessential city, you will find in this beach-town like city.

On Fridays and Saturdays, an open-air farmers market sells fresh produce, bread, honey, and meat in Pioneer Park. You can walk around and check the handicrafts and wares of vendors in each stall. You can enjoy the ambiance of the market from 9 AM to 2 AM and complete your essential shopping for the week. 

Dunedin is home to the oldest microbrewery of Florida, The Dunedin Brewery. A visit here is incomplete without first tasting the local hone ale or sun zoom from here. Other than this there are seven more breweries. You can enjoy your evenings in these pubs and breweries. 

Casa Tina is a well-known Mexican restaurant in Dunedin. The fajitas, fresh fruit margaritas, mango, and shrimp quesadillas are sure to win your heart. You can also stop by Taco Baby for a quick bite.

If you are craving something sweet, you can stop by Strachan’s Handmade Ice Cream shop. Key lime pie, red velvet, and salted caramel peanut scoops can warm the heart but freeze the brain. 

Hog Island Fish Camp was the original name of Honeymoon State Island. Today it is the name of a popular restaurant. The smoked fish dip along with the fish appetizer is to die for. The blackened shrimp bread served with the blackened, broiled, or grilled catch of the day is its specialty. 

The local food scene of Dunedin, Florida will quickly grow on you. There is a high chance you will not miss the unhealthy food of fast-food chains.  

8. Manifold Attractions and Recreational Spots 

You will not run out of recreational activities in Dunedin, Florida. The place offers a varied range of cultural and recreational attractions. 

Go back in time by visiting the Dunedin History Museum. The history of the town settlers, citrus, and railroad industries may pique your interest. The Penny Lane, Beatles Museum showcases the Beatles memorabilia of Dunedin resident Dr. Robert Entel. A true Beatle fan will appreciate this little museum above Rosie’s Tavern. 

If you are into art exhibitions, you will love the exhibits of Stirlings Art Studio and Gallery. It consists of ten art studios, as the exhibition is always rotating you can meet the maestro behind the canvas if you plan your visit beforehand.

Visit one of the finest visual arts exhibitions in the southeast of the USA, the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. It consists of 15 studios, 5 galleries, a gallery gift shop, a children’s art museum, the Palm Café. 

Art is not confined to studios and exhibitions alone. The colorful murals on the walls of buildings give an artsy vibe to the streets of Dunedin. One cannot help but enjoy a walk through such vibrant streets.

Dunedin is home to the finest Marina of West-coast Florida. The Dunedin Marina is City-owned and consists of 194 slips. You can enjoy a boat ride from here. 

If you love taking walks, you can visit the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail of Dunedin. You can run, stroll, or cycle along this trail. In over an hour or more you can cover the whole of Dunedin city using this trail. This is why it is called the nation’s most walkable town.

The manifold attractions of Dunedin, Florida does not end here. Explore Dunedin for more attractions, you may just discover a hidden gem. 

Many Other Reasons to Live in Dunedin, Florida

  1. Dunedin is the home to a Major League Baseball team, Toronto Blue Jays. They come every year in March. In the TD Ballpark, residents enjoy watching the spring training of the Blue Jays. Different sporting events take place in the TD Ballpark. If you are not into sports, you can at least enjoy watching it in this center. 
  2. Dunedin is big on sports. Baseball is the most popular sport here. There are two local baseball teams in the area, the Clearwater Threshers, and Dunedin Blue Jays. Also, the baseball Minor League team practices in the TD Ballpark during the long summers.
  3. You can enjoy various outdoor activities in Dunedin, from jogging, cycling, swimming in the beaches to hiking, kayaking, you have a number of options. You can also birdwatch or go shell hunting. 
  4. The city of Dunedin offers many opportunities for indoor activities too. The Dunedin Community Centre features fitness centers, multi-purpose rooms, playgrounds, a gymnasium, stage, library, rental facilities, dance, and a gaming room.
  5. You can enjoy ballroom dancing events in Hale Seniors Activity Centre. There is a skate park and basketball court in Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center. If you are into golf, you will find a semi-private golf course in the Dunedin Country Club. 
  6. Dunedin is a cultural hub. Its history is embedded with Scottish culture. Hence, events like the Mardi Gras parade, Highland Games, Dia de Los Muertos, and a Celtic Music Festival are held all year round. But that does not mean the community is all about bagpipes and kilts. 
  7. Dunedin is not only a family-friendly city but also dog friendly. Take your Labrador for a swim in the ocean, walk your poodle down the street, enjoy all types of outdoor activities with your pet. You will hear no complaints from pesky neighbors. 
  8. If you are a bibliophile, you will love visiting the Public library of Dunedin. It is the oldest library in Pinellas County. It features film showings, educational classes, book discussions, and a reading room with internet access. It also initiated the little free library movement. Today there are three Little Free Libraries in Dunedin. 
  9. Bibliophiles will also appreciate the independent bookshop, ‘Back in the Day Books’ in Dunedin. Here you will find both new and second-hand books. 
  10. If you are looking for organic items, drop by Emilia’s Apothecary. Here you will find, herbal tea, shea butter, organic scented candles, herbal remedies, etc. 
  11. Getting around Dunedin is easy. You will not need a car. The city is pedestrian-friendly. All the grocery shops and other amenities are nearby. Of course, if you prefer driving, you can do so. 
  12. You can enjoy events all year round in Dunedin. In January, there is a big Arts and Crafts Festival in Dunedin Main Street. The hand-made products from blown glass, knit scarves, cutting boards, and paintings to metal sculptures will catch your interest. 
  13. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone celebrates in the colors of green in Flanagan’s Irish pub. With music, beverages, and food everyone will have their Irish on in this annual event. 
  14. Enjoy outdoor concerts on the water in Dunedin’s Weaver Park. Listen to music with a spectacular view of the setting sun. The music, the seating, and the superb view are all free. 
  15. September is the perfect time to boat, fish, and swim in Dunedin. You can relax and catch some freckled trout or redfish on the grass flats of Dunedin. The grass flats are great for kayaking. 
  16. Dunedin is home to various parks. Achieva Paw Park, Amberlea Park, Eagle Scout Park, Elizabeth Skinner Jackson Park, and Scottsdale Park are few of them. Edgewater Park is another waterfront park you can go to for kayaking. Kiwanis Sprayground is an interactive water playground for children. Beat the heat and participate in fun activities with your family in all these parks. 
  17. Have a little fun while exploring the local retail scene. You can buy tunics, linen pants and other fun resort wears from Key West Boutiques.
  18. You will also have easy access to Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. The highway to Tampa and St. Pete is closer to homes near Route 19. You can easily travel to the 
  19. The holiday season of Dunedin is celebrated with a spectacular boat parade. The elaborately decorated boats come into the Dunedin Marina while everyone watches in awe. The climax of the event is when the last boat lights the holiday tree of Edgewater Park.
  20. The Dunedin Causeway is a good spot for sunbathing, fishing, and watercraft launches. You will need a fishing license to fish here. You can launch jet skis, kayaks, motorized boats, sailboats, and wave runners in the Causeway. You can park anywhere for free here. 
  21. Although most of the residents of Dunedin are made up of retirees, it is still an amazing place for children to grow up in. The natural environment, the sports culture, and safe neighborhoods make for a good place to raise children. 
  22. The community of Dunedin is warm, welcoming, and strong. Multicultural families will blend right in. 
  23. Three Rooker, Dunedin is home to various nesting birds. If you love bird watching, you will want to observe the shorebird nesting here. Any nature lover would love to preserve this area. 
  24.  The Dunedin Community Garden is an organic garden run by a group of dedicated residents. It allows gardeners to socialize and strengthen community bonds. If you are into gardening, you will love this organic piece of gardening heaven. You too can become a member by donating a small amount and abiding by the rules of the group. 


Now, you know the reasons why Dunedin, Florida is a great place to call home. Living in Dunedin, Florida will expose you to its unique lifestyle. If the outdoorsy small-town lifestyle fascinates you, what are you waiting for? 

Whether you are looking for a home with a modern look or a historic touch, Dunedin has it all. Visit Dunedin, Florida, and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. The culture, the people, the beaches and the beauty of this place is truly awe inspiring. 

Everyone wants their forever home to be in a beautiful and safe place. A perfect home to raise children, a perfect home to retire in and Dunedin, Florida offers both. Bid farewell to constant relocations and settle in your forever home. 

We can assure you that you will not regret your decision to move here. Why not come by once and check out for yourself if Dunedin truly is a place you want to call home. 

By now our article has acquainted you with the multifarious charms of this progressive small down. We hope that our write-up has peaked your interest in finding out more about the coastal quaint city and making it your next forever home. Thanks a lot for stopping by and best of luck in your search to find the perfect place for living.